Saturday, March 1, 2008

Meet Jinson Joseph

I am of that generation who grew up without computers and entered the working world with them. E-mail and the Internet came on the scene while I was in college, and so I am still amazed at how people separated by hundreds of thousands of miles can connect to each other through the Web.

It boggled my mind, for example, to learn that my little blog written in my little room in my little house in my little town in New England had struck a chord with Jinson Joseph—halfway around the world in India. Jinson Joseph is an artist, and I encourage you to visit his blog and look at his beautiful paintings:

Jinson Joseph is a teacher in Hyderabad, India, but pursues his passion of painting after work, just like I pursue my passion for writing at the end of the work day. He had been preparing for an exhibit of his work on February 16. Jinson Joseph, please let us know how your show went. I hope it was a great success!

What artistic endeavors are you pursuing when your workday ends? Share your story in the comments section, or e-mail me and I'll share your blog address, too.


Anonymous said...

Meet Jinson Joseph!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Jinson Joseph! I am an artist, Graphic designer by profession. Same-pinch to Jinson..ha..ha..
I’ve visited nice photos…keep up the good work…
Meet me at /

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.