Sunday, January 6, 2008

David Lynch on meditation and creativity: "There's an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness in each one of us."

I got into meditation about six years ago and then fizzled out of it—the same way people attempt regular exercise and then drop it. But I've always known that meditation is something I should be doing for my general mental, emotional and physical well being and so I have started a daily practice again.

I found this video of filmmaker David Lynch talking about how meditation is beneficial to the creative process. It's just a few minutes and definitely worth watching. I found this a couple of weeks ago, right around the time I decided it was time to commit to meditation. After watching it, I'm definitely committed. If something so simple can benefit my creativity, I'm all for it!

If you're interested in trying meditation, there are excellent, simple instructions in the book "Minding the Body, Mending the Mind" by Joan Borysenko. It's an all-around great book about the mind-body connection, especially if you have any issues with stress and anxiety.

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